Skin Whitening Treatment In Lahore, Pakistan At Cosmetique

At Cosmetique we offer you many different options to lighten or whiten your skin color and look your best. Only a certified and well-qualified dermatologist or skin specialist can treat skin whitening.
Some of our patients prefer a simple method to make their skin look whiter, even-toned and glowing. They want a treatment that does not involve any procedure, surgery or a long recovery period (down time). They are interested in treatment that can be done at home with the help of creams or lotions. For such patients we offer our custom designed creams or lotions with safest ingredients and NO STEROIDS. These custom dispensed topical medications in the form of solution, cream or a serum can produce a remarkable difference within a short period of a couple of months. On the other hand some patients want a quicker skin whitening treatment in Pakistan as they are about to get married or engaged and time is of essence. In such cases a non-surgical mild procedure like micro-dermabrasion, microlaser peel or another type of appropriate laser may achieve the goal.

What Is Skin Whitening ?

Skin-whitening is a process by which the melanin pigment in the skin is reduced to get a whiter complexion. The quantity of melanin in a human body determines the color of a person’s skin. Those whose face complexion is dark have more melanin in them. Melanin is naturally produced by cells called melanocytes. Moreover, the genetic buildup of a person is also responsible for the melanin quantity in his body. However, the production and amount of melanin is also mainly affected by these factors

  • Exposure to the sun
  • The degree of damaged skin
  • Exposure to chemicals.

Why People Use Skin Whitening Products?

People use different whitening and lightening products to deal with freckles, age spots, acne, scars, birthmarks, and many more. Especially individuals with dark spots on their skin wish to have fair and clear spotless skin. For this purpose, they use bleaching creams, fading creams, chemical peels, and even opt for laser skin whitening treatment.
The melanocytes cells responsible for producing melanin are located at the bottom of the skin’s epidermal layer. Melanin is made in the human body with the help of the tyrosinase enzyme. The skin lightening products reduce melanin production by disturbing the function of these melanocyte cells and enzymes.

Cosmetique is the place to get reliable skin creams.

Therefore, for all such kinds of people, the dermatologists of Cosmetique clinic custom design their creams or lotions with no steroids. Also, they have the safest ingredients that do not cause any harm to the patient’s skin. Those customized creams or lotions can make a remarkable difference in skin tone within a short period.
On the other hand, some patient who wants quick result prefers both skin whitening injections and skin whitening creams or lotions together at the same time. Moreover, dermatologists also suggest non-surgical mild procedures like micro-dermabrasion, micro-laser peel, or another type of laser treatment to fulfill their patient’s desire soon.

Now the question is how to get fairer skin than without surgery? The answer to this question is very simple for the doctors at Cosmetique. They give you some topical treatments to provide you with whiter and fair skin without fearing their side effects on your body. These treatments may contain

  • Skin whitening creams
  • Night creams
  • Serums
  • Lotions
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Latest laser technology
  • Latest treatment of PRP
    At Cosmetique, we proudly say that alhamdulillah is one of the best clinics offering all types of skin treatments in Pakistan. Moreover, all our processes are conducted here under the supervision of the top best skin specialists in Lahore, Pakistan. So, patients feel safe coming to us and asking whatever they desire.

Which Kind Of Flaws Skin Can Skin Whitening Treatment Treat ?

The Skin Lightening Treatment Can Treat The Following Skin Flaws Permanently
Yuuurin/Getty Images

Dark Patches On The Skin


Overall Dark And Dull Skin


Age Spots Like Wrinkles, Laugh Lines, And Dark Circles


Pigmentation Either Around Your Lips, Eyes, Or Forehead


Acne Scars


Sunburned Skin

Freckles on the face

Damaged Skin

Who Is Eligible For This Treatment ?

Almost everyone is eligible for a skin lightening treatment.

However, the primary qualified candidates for skin whitening treatment in Lahore, Pakistan, are those who have the following skin problems:

  • Skin breakouts due to scaring
  • Dark patches on the skin
  • Dull skin due to the sun-damage
  • If anyone has aging marks
  • Presence of acne scars on the skin
  • If anyone has pigmentation like around your eyes, lips, or forehead
  • Uneven, dull, and dark skin tone.

Skin Whitening Treatment Benefits

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Our Doctors

Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan

M.B.B.S., M.D. (U.S.A), F.A.A.D. (U.S.A), F.A.A.C.S. (U.S.A), F.A.S.D.S. (U.S.A) F.A.S.L.M.S. (U.S.A) F.R.C.P. (U.K) F.A.S.H.R.S. (U.S.A) F.A.S.L.S. (U.S.A) M.A.C.P. (U.S.A)

Dr. Asma Sana Azim

Dr. Asma Sana Azim

M.B.B.S. (Pb); M.D. (U.S.A.); M.A.C.P. (U.S.A): Dip. Derm (U.K.) Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine Member, American College of Physicians Diploma in Dermatology (UK)

Dr. Amnah M Raj

Dr. Amnah M Raj

M.B.B.S. (Pb), Dip Derm (U.K), M.Sc. in Dermatology (U.K), FASDS (U.S.A.) Fellow, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (U.S.A) Certified Obesity and Weight Management Expert

Dr. Saima Malik

Dr.Saima Malik

M.B.B.S. (KEMC) Dip Derm (U.K) M.Sc. in Dermatology (U.K) FASDS (U.S.A.) Fellow, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (U.S.A)

Skin Whitening Treatment at The Cosmetique

The renowned Cosmetique clinic has been serving humanity from its various medical procedures all over Pakistan for an extended period. It is currently considered the best medical lab in Lahore, Pakistan, serving in several other cities. Our lab has extraordinarily stepped ahead by extending its laboratory services under the name of “The Cosmetique clinic” to cater to the needs of patients at the most reasonable rates.

At Cosmetique, our commitment is to present exceptional pathological, clinic, and healthcare services to all our patients, ensuring that each one of them gets fully satisfied with our professional doctors’ treatment services. That too at the most reasonable prices. 

Best Skin Whitening Treatments at The Cosmetique Clinic

    1. Skin treatments
    2. Laser hair removal treatment
    3. Acne treatment
    4. Vampire facelifting treatment  
    5. Skin whitening treatment

Best Skin Specialists in Lahore, Pakistan

We all know very well that Lahore city is the capital of Punjab province, and in terms of population count, it is the second-largest of all cities in Pakistan. Therefore, Lahore is considered the hub of advanced medical and healthcare facilities. Not only the residents of Punjab but patients from all over Pakistan, including even the rural areas of other Pakistan provinces, visit Lahore to get the best Health facilities and benefits. Here in Lahore, you can easily find the best doctors ranging from general health consultants to high-qualified and well-experienced skin specialists; all serve very well in their respective fields. They indeed meet all your health needs.

Moreover, the world has become a global village with the latest technological advancements. You can now seek medical help anywhere anytime you want from single-click various health check platforms. One such most popular and reliable platform is the Cosmetique Clinic. It offers free consultation services to patients to talk to certified and experienced skin specialists over the internet.

Skin Whitening Treatment

Wondering how to get a glowing and fairer skin complexion? Don’t worry; here we are to meet your skin needs.

Skin whitening creams and lotions

At the very famous Cosmetique clinic, we present you with numerous options to whiten or lighten your skin tone and look the best as you have ever desired.

A few of our skin patients simply prefer a method that makes their skin tone more glowing, whiter, and even-toned. They ask to have a treatment that does not involve any time-taking procedure, cosmetic surgery, or those requiring an extended period for recovery.

Additionally, they are somehow interested in skin treatments that can feasibly carry out at homes with the help of lotions, injections, and creams. So, we present our own customized skin whitening lotions and creams containing the safest ingredients and almost no steroids for such patients.

Such customized dispensed topical medications that come to market in the form of a reliable skin-lightening solution can produce a significant difference within a couple of months.

Laser Skin Whitening Immediate Treatment

While on the other hand, a few patients of Cosmetique clinic wish to have a quicker skin whitening treatment procedure in Lahore, Pakistan, when they feel that this treatment is the essence of time, like when their engagement or wedding is coming soon.

In such cases, our best skin specialists suggest having a non-surgical gentle skin whitening treatment such as Micro-laser peel, micro-dermabrasion, or some other type of laser procedure to let them achieve their desired goals.

Skin Whitening Treatments Available at the Cosmetique Clinic

Fortunately, now several non-surgical treatments are readily available in Lahore, Pakistan, including the use of the following latest technologies for lightening the skin tone and making it glowing and fresh for a prolonged period. Some of those techniques include

  1. Microdermabrasion
  2. Micro-laser peel
  3. Chemical peel
  4. Photo-facial treatment
  5. Mosaic/ Fraxel laser

For all such non-surgical skin whitening procedures, the world acclaimed skin specialists of the Cosmetique clinic in Lahore, Pakistan, offer various treatment options. That too with many considerable results and utmost safety record. In addition, our result-oriented best dermatologists in Lahore, Pakistan, have developed a skincare line of numerous cosmeceuticals that are becoming extremely popular in Pakistan and several other countries of the world.  

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing Technique?

This popular skin whitening treatment technique is also known as

  • Laser peel treatment
  • Laser vaporization technique
  • Lasabrasion.

That remarkable technique can effectively lessen scars, fine lines, facial wrinkles, blemishes, acne spots, and many more skin diseases. Moreover, recent laser technologies introduced in Lahore, Pakistan, give the plastic surgeons of the Cosmetique clinic a whole new level of control in laser resurfacing techniques. That too, while permitting extreme precision and accuracy, especially in delate body regions.

What do our best skin specialists in Lahore, Pakistan, do?

The famous, Cosmetique clinic is acknowledged as one of the most exclusive beauty enhancement clinics in Pakistan that offers a broad range of non-invasive aesthetic procedures, including

  • fillers
  • clinical dermatology
  • anti-aging treatment
  • laser hair removal
  • several advanced skin laser treatments

All these too by reliable skin specialists in Lahore, Pakistan.

Why Choose the Cosmetique Clinic?

The Cosmetique Clinic remarkably presents and offers specialized care and high-quality results in dermatology, skin lightening, and laser treatment by utilizing the latest techniques, equipment, and advanced knowledge of skincare regimens through continuous education and training of modern skin whitening treatments.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Skin Whitening ?

The effects of such skin whitening procedures are usually not permanent but can last between a few months to a few years. However, if you follow your doctor’s instructions and take good care of your skin, this period can increase. Some reliable dermatologists suggest the following after-care tips of the skin whitening treatment .

  1.  Following a basic skin-care routine.
  2. Opting for maintenance sessions from time to time.
  3. Consuming a balanced diet and in creasing water intake.
  4. Leading a healthy lifetyle by eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. Use good sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful sun rays and many more.

Furthermore, the results of bleaching agents and chemicals peels are mostly not permanent but compared to the laser treatment, they last for a more extended period. In addition, tattoos and birthmarks can be removed permanently with the help of laser treatment.

Yes, it is. Laser, chemical peels and lightening injections, and lightening tablets are considered safe skin whitening treatments to some extent in Pakistan. All of them help reduce the production of melanin in the skin. However, neither of them is FDA approved. Therefore, you should consult a certified dermatologist to know which treatment will suit you and your skin type.
At Cosmetique, there are facilities by which the entire body can be treated for skin whitening. You can opt for either part of the body you want, especially for the dark skin of the forehead, lips, nose, hands, face, underarms, legs. They all are treated to get flawless, fair, and glowing skin.
  1. Take care of your skin.
  2. Use chemical-free soap for washing.
  3. Use maintenance products such as Aloe vera gel or Petroluem jelly for cooling effect.
  4. Take painkillers if neccessary.
  5. Apply sunscreen for at least six months to prevent your skin from sunburn and sensitivity.
Yes, many skins lightening treatments involve the peeling of the skin. However, when going for such a treatment, you should take the advice of a reliable skin specialist .
A minimum number of injections is 10 for better results, that too, over a span of ten weeks. That means one injection per week for typical skin whitening treatments .
  1. Mostly six sessions are needed for this treatment.
  2. Each session lasts an interval of two weeks .
  3. The time for each sessions is roughly 30 minutes .
  4. After the completion of six sessions, the maintenance sessions should be attended once a month .

NO, it would help if you did not immediately stop the skin whitening treatment in Pakistan. The whitening injections help you keep your skin nourished and keep it in a good tone when continued for a prolonged time.

Furthermore, Glutathione is essential for good skin health in addition to the whitening effect. It also helps in improving the immune system and protecting the body against several diseases. Thus, the Glutathione keeps the person looking young and beautiful for an extended period.

However, the result of skin whitening treatment remains the same as long as you maintain the skin correctly following essential precautions like avoiding exposure to sunlight, smoking, stress, etc.

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