Full Body skin whitening injection price in Pakistan

Nowadays, people all over the world are much more concerned about their complexion and skin condition. Thankfully, today many products are available worldwide to fulfill a person’s dream to have glowing and fairer skin. 

People also wonder;

  • How to get whitened skin?
  • What are the best full body whitening treatments and remedies to get fairer skin at home?
  • What are the practical skin whitening tips? 
  • Which natural ingredients will help you in full body skin whitening treatment?
  • How much time is required to get a fairer skin? And many more. 

The best solution and most feasible answer for all these questions is full-body skin whitening injection.

How to whiten body skin in the least possible time?

Currently, many beautifying products contain natural ingredients that feasibly bring whiteness to the skin. These ingredients are completely harmless and safe to use. If you use these skin whitening creams, lotions and injections correctly, they can have lasting effects on your body. They tend to do wonders for your body. Yes, we mean the whole body. With such whitening products, you will look fresh, young, radiant and glowing the entire day long. 

Special homemade remedies for skin and full-body whitening

For full-body skin whitening treatment in Lahore, Pakistan, here are some remedies we would like to share with you.

  1. Rosewater remedy
  2. Honey and lemon juice remedy
  3. Curd massage remedy
  4. Gram flour, Chandan and turmeric powder remedy.
  5. Milk and gram flour remedy
  6. Coconut water remedy
  7. Cumin seeds remedy

Full-Body Skin whitening treatment

As we mentioned earlier, home remedies may work on somebody or not on others. Moreover, these take much time to show visible results. Therefore, the second most feasible option for people is to use different skin whitening injections, lotions, creams, and skin peeling treatments. But these all procedures do not work on the whole body. Instead, they work in the small area where they are applied. Even the skin peeling procedure is done by the best dermatologists in Lahore, Pakistan can give you an instant glow and smoothness only on a specific area with no more extended period. Instead, you need something different or a long-time full body skin whitening treatment.

Skin whitening treatment packages available at the Cosmetique clinic

If you are looking for a full-body skin whitening treatment that changes the skin tone of your whole body with safety, then contact the best skin specialists in Lahore, Pakistan, serving at the Cosmetique clinic. Here you may have the following treatments at the most affordable prices.

  1. Full-body skin whitening treatment 
  2. Skin brightening procedure for facial skin
  3. Skin treatment for underarms
  4. Brightening formula for hands, neck and feet 
  5. Skin lightening treatment for private parts, especially inner thighs and bikini area.

You can easily select the most suitable skin whitening treatment package according to your body needs and requirements, that too at a very reasonable cost.

How is full-body skin whitening treatment performed?

The procedure of skin whitening treatment in Lahore, Pakistan, is effortless and done in just a few steps.

  1. The dose of Glutathione is injected with a syringe from the most prominent vein with a slow routine.
  2. The injecting dose will take some time according to the quantity of Glutathione.
  3. After a single session, your dermatologist will give you time for the next session.
  4. Complete full-body skin whitening will need multiple sessions, approximately 4 – 6 sessions.
  5. You will also be suggested a few aftercare tips to get reliable results in a short period. 

The expected results of full-body skin whitening treatment

The results of Glutathione skin whitening injections significantly depend on the person’s skin tone and the number of sessions he takes. These injections provide effective and miraculous results with a bright skin tone of an entire body. In addition, these will also improve the glow of skin and make it fairer without any signs of aging like wrinkles, dark spots and marks.

The best dermatologists in Lahore, Pakistan, may further advise you on some aftercare tips on taking good care of your health and maintaining whitened skin tone. A few significant suggestions include consuming a healthy diet while avoiding stress, pollution, sun exposure, and many more. 

Cosmetique full-body skin whitening treatment 

At Cosmetique clinic, the most reliable skin specialists in Lahore, Pakistan, give you injectable treatment for whitening the entire body at the most affordable costs. However, the Full body skin whitening injection price in Pakistan depends on many factors.

According to Cosmetique doctors, Glutathione skin whitening injections are used in this treatment with the combination of vitamin C injections. These injections help you make your skin tone fair, glowing and bright in only a few sessions. Thus, they are the safest way to change the complexion of your entire body skin. Moreover, these injections also help remove dark marks, acne scars, and skin blemishes.

As soon as you take full body skin whitening injections treatment, you will notice that your skin’s pigmentation and dark tone will disappear in just a few weeks, and you will get a new lighter skin tone. Somehow, these injections also help the body tissues to protect against the entrance of other free radicals in your body because they are the most potent antioxidant. However, only experts and professional dermatologists of Lahore, Pakistan, can perform this skin whitening therapy with guaranteed results. 

Glutathione Full-body skin whitening injection price in Pakistan.

The Glutathione skin whitening injection price mainly depends on the condition and texture of the skin of the person who wants this treatment. Also, it depends on the skin tone color one intends and wishes to have. This treatment is readily available at a reasonable price in different cities of Pakistan. Generally, its price ranges from 5000 Rs to 10000 Rs for a single session.

The Full body skin whitening injection price in Pakistan also significantly depends on the doctor performing it. According to the experience and expertise of the professional dermatologist, the cost varies between 20,000 Rr to 50,000 Rs. It may vary at different clinics according to the prime location of clinics. However, it is essential to discuss with your professional dermatologist about your needs and expectations. Then he will confirm the charges of this skin whitening treatment accurately.


Summing up, if you want a bright, fresh and glowing skin tone of the whole body, then you can feel free to consult the best dermatologists in Lahore, Pakistan, at Cosmetique clinic for this astonishing treatment. Our skin specialists are always here to assist you in your skin problem needs. They provide you with the best full body skin whitening treatment at the most reasonable rates.