Permanent Skin Whitening Treatments in Lahore

Nowadays, many permanent skin whitening treatments are available globally, making it easy for people who want to restore their lost skin glow and enhance their skin tone. Those skin tone lightening procedures vary from simple bleaching to high-profile laser treatments, etc.

This article gives you guidelines about different skin whitening treatments, their estimated costs, available packages, and results.


What is Permanent Skin Whitening?

The increased amount of naturally produced melanin in the body causes uneven skin tone and dark spots on the skin. A permanent skin whitening treatment in Lahore aims to reduce the excessive melanin content in the skin. In addition, it also helps minimize melasma, freckles, sun damage, and any other kind of marks. Moreover, it can remarkably lighten your skin tone compared to your original complexion.

Skin tone is primarily uneven on elbows, knees, or ankles. These parts are usually darker in complexion than the rest of the body. But if you have darker skin on some parts of your body or face, then we are here to tell you many ways of getting fair and glowing skin naturally and permanently in a short time.

How to get permanent skin whitening?

Given below are seven effective tips and tricks to gain a bright, even, and fair complexion:

  1. Eat healthy food
  2. Drink an excessive amount of water
  3. Use sunscreen
  4. while going outside
  5. Sleep well to avoid dark circles
  6. Routine cleansing detox
  7. Use nourishing night creams
  8. Use relaxing oil massage and many more.

All these tips will significantly reduce the chances of uneven and darker skin, and you will get brighter, fairer, and glowing skin permanently.

Traditional Permanent Skin Whitening Products

If you want to get a lighter and fairer skin complexion like other people, then there are many skin whitening products available in the market for your convenience. These include skin whitening facials, cleansers, masks, and mud packs, and many more. But these are not a permanent solution to your problem.

Advanced Permanent Skin Whitening Treatments in Lahore

Nowadays, you should not be disappointed with your skin problems anymore, as nothing is impossible in this modern world. The cosmetic industry has incredibly advanced, and it now allows you to make your skin fairer than ever before within just a few days. It is not a big deal anymore.

Today the modern cosmetic industry has made many permanent skin whitening treatments in Lahore with possible with all the health concerns and safety measures a person needs like

  • Allergy-free skin
  • Efficacy
  • Fast healing
  • Effective recovery process
  • Minimally invasive, etc.

Which Skin Flaws Can Be Handled by Permanent Skin Whitening Treatments in Lahore?

The following flaws of skin can be treated by skin lightening medications and treatments permanently:

  1. Acne scars
  2. Sunburned skin
  3. Pigmentation around your eyes, lips, or forehead
  4. Dark patches on different parts of the skin
  5. Overall skin complexion
  6. Age spots
  7. Laugh lines
  8. Dark circles
  9. Wrinkles, and many more.

You should consider this treatment if you have any of these conditions or if you want to enhance your facial skin with the safest non-invasive, and painless procedure. 

The permanent skin whitening treatments in Lahore helps you in getting rid of your skin’s imperfection with safe, natural, and long-lasting results at a very affordable price. In addition, you will be safe from side effects, botched results, any skin allergies, and post-procedural complications.

Permanent skin whitening treatments in Lahore at Cosmetique clinic

Before taking any procedure, you should understand that skin whitening is a medical treatment and not a miracle. The famous skin whitening treatment only helps reduce melanin pigmentation in the skin to get a fairer skin tone. People with higher melanin concentrations have darker skin tones. At Cosmetique clinic, you get many other benefits when this treatment is done with our unique and most advanced technologies.

Why Choose Cosmetique Clinic?

  1. Our permanent skin whitening treatments in Lahore help you get rid of your problems of Acne, moles, scars, and other conditions of such types.
  2. We provide you with the facility of chemical peeling, laser treatment, whitening injections, and mesotherapy in our clinic.
  3. Our latest equipment and professionals make it possible to show fast and permanent results for you.
  4. We have experts and skin specialists who can guide you and perform all the procedures well.
  5. At Cosmetique clinic, we present you with a vast range of skin whitening treatments in Lahore, Pakistan, including;

  1. Targeted skin whitening treatment
  2. Full body whitening treatment
  3. Skin lightening treatment
  4. Face whitening treatment
  5. Feet Whitening Treatment
  6. Hands Whitening Treatment
  7. Armpit Whitening Treatment
  8. Neck Whitening Treatment
  9. Bikini Area Whitening Treatment
  10. Legs Whitening Treatment, and many more.

Benefits of permanent skin whitening treatments in Lahore

The skin whitening treatment from the best skin specialists in Lahore, Pakistan, is getting hype day by day. Some of the characteristic features of the skin whitening treatment are given below:

  1. Skin whitening is an entirely non-invasive and painless treatment.
  2. It is a simple and quick procedure that only requires less than an hour.
  3. There is no need for hospitalization while taking this treatment.
  4. Skin whitening injections and creams are well suited for all. That means they are viable for all skin types.
  5. Last but not least, it is an entirely safe procedure as it does not cause any side effects, infections, or skin allergies.

Is skin lightening treatment permanent?

The effects of permanent skin whitening treatments in Lahore may remain between a few months to a few years.

However, the best dermatologists in Lahore, Pakistan, may advise you of the following tips for maintaining fair skin results for an extended period.

  • Always Lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Use a good sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful sun rays and sunburns.
  • Follow a basic skin-care routine for your skin safety.
  • Maintain your sessions from time to time.
  • Take a balanced diet.
  • Increase your intake of water.
  • Consume a healthy diet and many more.

The laser treatment results usually last longer than other bleaching agents and chemical peels. However, laser treatments cannot remove tan and melisma, but they can remove tattoos and birthmarks permanently.

Are the effects permanent? What happens if I stop using it?

No way can permanently change your skin because the skin is a living changing organ. It can be possible to some extent by using highly damaging bleaching techniques. And when you discontinue your procedures, your skin tone will reverse to its previous level.

Primarily permanent skin whitening treatments in Lahore help reduce melanin production in the body rather than eliminating it. It means when you stop taking these treatments, your natural skin tone reappears.


If you are suffering from any skin flaws or want to enhance your facial skin’s beauty and like this in the safest, non –invasive, and painless procedure, then contact us. 

Cosmetique clinic provides you with all procedures that help you get rid of your skin imperfections with safe, natural, and long-lasting results at a very reasonable cost. Also, with our safe, permanent skin whitening treatments in Lahore, you will not have to face and worry about any side effects, infections, skin allergies, and post-procedural complications. 

So, feel free to contact us. We are always here to assist you in your skin whitening needs.